P5/S45-E007 Ryuji as SKULL & Captain Kidd


Ryuji as SKULL & Captain Kidd
I am thou, thou art I…
There is no turning back…
The skull of rebellion
is your flag henceforth!

P5/S45-E007 R

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Ryuji as SKULL & Captain Kidd
P5/S45-E007 R
Individual Card

【AUTO】 When this card attacks, if the character facing this card is level 3 or higher, this card gets +6000 power until end of turn.
【AUTO】 When this card’s battle opponent becomes 【REVERSE】, if a card named “Yo, I’m Ready…” is in your climax area, choose up to one of your other characters and up to one of your opponent’s characters, and return them to hand.


Card No.: P5/S45-E007 Rarity: R
Color: Yellow Side: Schwarz
Type: Character Level: 2
Power: 7000 Cost: 1
Soul: 1 Trait 1: Thief
Triggers: 1 Soul Trait 2: Sports

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