P5/S45-E012 Protagonist: Prisoner of Fate


Protagonist: Prisoner of Fate

P5/S45-E012 U

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Protagonist: Prisoner of Fate
P5/S45-E012 U
Individual Card

【CONT】 All of your other cards named “Protagonist as JOKER & Arsene” get +500 power and the following ability. “【AUTO】 During your turn, when this card’s battle opponent becomes 【REVERSE】, look at the top card of your deck, and put it on the top of your deck or into your waiting room.”
【CONT】 Assist During your turn, all of your characters in front of this card get +X power. X is equal to 1000 multiplied by that character’s level.


Card No.: P5/S45-E012 Rarity: U
Color: Yellow Side: Schwarz
Type: Character Level: 2
Power: 5000 Cost: 1
Soul: 1 Trait 1: Thief
Triggers: 1 Soul Trait 2: None

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