P5/S45-E021 Calling Card


Calling Card
Morgana: “We warn them. Tell them, “We’re
going to steal your heart.””

P5/S45-E021 U

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Calling Card
P5/S45-E021 U
Individual Card

If there are no face down cards in your opponent’s memory, your opponent chooses a card from your opponent’s hand, puts it face down into his or her memory, and draws up to one card.
Look at up to four cards from the top of your deck, choose up to one 《Thief》 character from among them, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and put the rest into your waiting room.
You may choose one of your opponent’s cost 0 or less characters in the center stage, and return it to his or her hand.


Card No.: P5/S45-E021 Rarity: U
Color: Yellow Side: Schwarz
Type: Event Level: 1
Power: Cost: 0
Soul: 0 Trait 1: None
Triggers: Trait 2: None

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