P5/S45-E081S Futaba as ORACLE & Necronomicon


Futaba as ORACLE & Necronomicon
I am thou, thou art I…
The forbidden wisdom has been revealed.
No mysteries… No illusions shall deceive you any longer.

P5/S45-E081S SR

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Futaba as ORACLE & Necronomicon
P5/S45-E081S SR
Individual Card

【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, this card gets +X power until end of turn. X is equal to 500 multiplied by the number of 《Thief》 or 《Coffee》 characters you have.


Card No.: P5/S45-E081S Rarity: SR
Color: Blue Side: Schwarz
Type: Character Level: 1
Power: 5000 Cost: 0
Soul: 1 Trait 1: Thief
Triggers: Trait 2: Net

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