P5/S45-E096 Calling Card


Calling Card
Madarame: “It’s those damn brats’
doing, isn’t it?
Well, it means nothing… They’ll
only be able to do as they please
until this exhibit is over…”

P5/S45-E096 U

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Calling Card
P5/S45-E096 U
Individual Card

【COUNTER】 If there are no face down cards in your opponent’s memory, your opponent chooses a card from your opponent’s hand, puts it face down into his or her memory, and draws up to one card.
Choose one of your 《Thief》 characters, and until end of turn, that character gets +2500 power and the following ability. “【AUTO】 When this card’s battle opponent becomes 【REVERSE】, you may put that character on the bottom of your opponent’s deck.”


Card No.: P5/S45-E096 Rarity: U
Color: Blue Side: Schwarz
Type: Event Level: 1
Power: Cost: 1
Soul: 0 Trait 1: None
Triggers: Trait 2: None

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