P5/S45-E097 Execution


Igor: “You may think of it as
a “fusion” of Personas.”

P5/S45-E097 U

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P5/S45-E097 U
Individual Card

Choose up to four of your characters, and put them into your waiting room. Search your deck for up to one 《Thief》 character with a total level and cost of X or lower, put it on any position of your stage, and shuffle your deck. X is equal to the total level and cost of the characters put into your waiting room by this effect while they were on the stage.


Card No.: P5/S45-E097 Rarity: U
Color: Blue Side: Schwarz
Type: Event Level: 1
Power: Cost: 3
Soul: 0 Trait 1: None
Triggers: Trait 2: None

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