KS/W55-049 “Eyes Lighting Up” Megumin


“Eyes Lighting Up” Megumin
KS/W55-049 R

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“Eyes Lighting Up” Megumin
KS/W55-049 R
Individual Card

[C] Your other, For each《Adventurer》or《Magic》character, this card gains+500.

【永】 他のあなたの、《冒険者》か《魔法》のキャラ1枚につき、このカードのパワーを+500。

Card No.: KS/W55-049 Rarity: R
Color: Red Side: Weiss
Type: Character Level: 1
Power: 4500 Cost: 0
Soul: 1 Trait 1: 冒険者 (Adventurer)
Triggers: None Trait 2: 魔法 (Magic)

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