KS/W55-092 “Happy Smile” Axis Cultist


“Happy Smile” Axis Cultist
KS/W55-092 C

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“Happy Smile” Axis Cultist
KS/W55-092 C
Individual Card

[A] When this card attacks, choose a non《Axis Cultist》character in your opponent’s front row, for the turn, power-1000.

【自】 このカードがアタックした時、あなたは《アクシズ教徒》以外の相手の前列のキャラを1枚選び、そのターン中、パワーを-1000。

Card No.: KS/W55-092 Rarity: C
Color: Blue Side: Weiss
Type: Character Level: 1
Power: 4000 Cost: 0
Soul: 1 Trait 1: アクシズ教徒 (Axis Cultist)
Triggers: None Trait 2: None

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