RZ/S46-053 Forbidden Library


Forbidden Library
RZ/S46-053 U

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Forbidden Library
RZ/S46-053 U
Individual Card

choose a「Beatrice, Lovely Girl」from your hand, place it to any slot on stage. Send this card to memory.

あなたは自分の手札の「可憐な少女 ベアトリス」を1枚まで選び、舞台の好きな枠に置く。このカードを思い出にする。

Card No.: RZ/S46-053 Rarity: U
Color: Red Side: Schwarz
Type: Event Level: 2
Power: 0 Cost: 2
Soul: 0 Trait 1: None
Triggers: None Trait 2: None

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