11/22/21 Updates: DanMachi, D.C 3 SAO 10th & Hololive Reprints.

Hey all Brian here, wanted to give our community updates on the news we received today.

From Bushiroad: “As the global shipping situation is recovering at a slow pace, amidst the recovery of the pandemic, shipping delays and cost increments will be inevitable as there is a high demand for the freight space, especially to the USA, coupled with the holiday season approaching. There is also a limit set by various courier companies limiting the pickup volume per day at 300-500 kg per shipping account hence we are unable to ship multiple shipments per day as per our normal shipping schedule.”

Danmachi + DC PB will arrive together, SAO 10th and Hololive arrive together in a separate shipment.

  • Danmachi singles ETA: Friday or Saturday. I will be giving status updates throughout the week regarding this.
  • EDIT(11/25/21): First Wave Danmachi singles up 12 PM Friday 11/26/21.

D.C 3 Portrait Booster Set
  • D.C 3 PB is arriving with Danmachi. Singles will be up at a later date. ETA next Wednesday(12/1).

SAO 10th Reprint
  • SAO 10th Box Reprints are slated to arrive this week(Separate shipment from Danmachi/DC3). Those who pre-ordered boosters will have it sent out as soon as we process the shipment.

Hololive Booster Reprint
  • Hololive Booster Box Reprints are slated to arrive this week(same shipment as SAO 10th). Boosters will be available for purchase as soon as they come in.

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