11/29/21 updates: DC PB, SAO 10th, Hololive, Azur Lane

Hey all Brian here, wanted to give our community a brief update about what’s to come this week.

D.C 3 Portrait Booster singles and sealed will go up Wednesday 12/1/21.

We finally received a tracking number regarding SAO 10th so those are on the way, slated to come in Friday. Once we process that shipment all SAO 10th Pre-Orders will go out and we thank you for your patience.

Hololive Reprints will be arriving with SAO 10th which will be available in the shop shortly after.

UPDATE 12/1/21: Tracking changed the ETA to – End of Day Sunday 12/5/21

Azur Lane

Azur Lane Rebirth For You Boosters will be available this Friday 12/3/21

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