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Slime Vol 2 Write UP

Hey everyone, Ryan from the SBTCG team here. If you know me at all, you know that I’m a huge Tensura nerd. Ever since BSR announced vol2, I’ve been eagerly anticipating card spoilers to get my hands on and play with. A little over a week ago from time of writing, we finally got the […]

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Alicization Write Up

Hello readers, Coen here. A brief introduction for the readers that don’t know me. I am an experienced Weiss Schwarz player, currently playing for the Strictly Broken team. I have been playing the game for about five or six years now and have managed to achieve multiple big tournament winnings and multiple world championship appearances […]

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Deck Building for Beginners

Hey there everyone, this article is primarily to help new players get a grasp of deck building and game flow. This guide will primarily delve into how most decks function and the flow of the game at various points. Also in this guide I’d like to introduce the terms that most players call certain cards that way you can familiarize yourself with why people use these cards. Read more